Intro to User Research

The purpose of this 6-week group course is to give you the tools to understand what user research is, what value it brings to a product/company and how to conduct/share user research across a company. This course will be full of discussion and sharing, as well as some lecturing on the different areas we cover. This course is accessible online from anywhere in the world.

In this course, you will learn the ins-and-outs of user research, though learning the value of user research, how to understand users, how to conduct, both, generative research and usability testing, as well as how to synthesize and share research results. During all of this, I will also talk about the importance of understanding how business and stakeholder needs can impact research.

At the end of this course, I want you to have the confidence to run research projects, from end-to-end, in any setting.

commitment: 10 hours/week for 6 weeks

number of participants: 12

remote video sessions

Level: Beginner


*Next class to be offered Fall 2019


Creating/Honing Your UX Research Portfolio

Have you done UX research projects but aren’t sure how to showcase them? Creating a user research portfolio can be really difficult, but has become an essential step to get hired. With whatever stage you are currently in, these sessions will allow you to take actionable steps towards creating your research portfolio.

I use storytelling techniques from my own portfolio to help you create your own unique showcase of work. We will go through one portfolio piece, in which I give you direct feedback on any current work you have done, and then, together, we will build up the piece. After the session, I will provide you with easy-to-use templates and tips you can apply to all your projects.

In addition, I also offer help with interview questions, resumes and whiteboard exercises.

duration: 60-minute to 90-minute sessions

remote video sessions



1x1 User Research Mentoring

During our sessions, depending on your level of expertise in the field, we will cover any topics you need, at a rate catered to you. Our sessions will be fully personalized to your needs, based off of our initial consultation call. For each session, I will have a lesson plan with information and activities based on your learning needs, and will follow-up with detailed slides based on what we covered. After each session, there will be a small amount of homework, in which you practice the skills we touched upon during our sessions. For each homework assignment, I will provide detailed feedback on next steps.

These sessions are truly yours, and we can commit to whatever gets you to the next level in your research career. The most popular topics I am asked to cover are: user research methods, how to conduct discovery research, how to write research plans, how to navigate tough stakeholders, how to include quantitative research and more!

duration: 60-minute sessions
free 30-minute consulTation call

remote video sessions

200USD/3-session bundle
335USD/5-session bundle

*Next availability Fall 2019


Interviewing Techniques Feedback

Ever want your research interviews evaluated? As researchers, we can be so focused on synthesis and results, we forget to assess our own interviewing techniques. I use an adapted version of Steiner Kvale’s interview criteria, and provide detailed feedback on how to improve your interviewing skills.

Before our session, you will send me an interview you have done in the past, whether it was for work or for practice. I will take the time to evaluate the interview, providing, both, my own feedback, as well as an evaluation through Steiner Kvale’s techniques. During our 45-minute session, we will discuss the feedback in detail so you have a clear understanding of how to improve, and what techniques to focus on, moving forward.

NDA form provided.

duration: 45-minute sessions

remote video sessions



Research Document Feedback

Are you looking for some feedback on documents you are putting together? Maybe you are a user research team of one at your company, and you just need a sounding board on documents you are putting together, whether that be research plans, recruitment surveys, research reports or anything else in between.

Before your session, you will send me the documents you need feedback on (maximum 3), and I will take my time to evaluate the different documents, providing detailed feedback. During our session, we will go through all of the feedback so you are able to understand the next best steps. In addition, I am happy to provide any useful templates

NDA form provided.

duration: 30-minute to 60-minute sessions

remote video sessions



Interview Practice Session

Sometimes we just need a little practice to, either, get us back in the game, or to make us feel more confident. Together, we will practice interviewing, from both sides, as a moderator, and as a participant. I will review best practices and tips for whatever research you are looking to conduct (generative research, usability testing, etc). After our session, I will review our session, and create a list of detailed feedback of what techniques could be focused on and improved.

This session can be combined with the interview technique feedback session.

duration: 90-minute sessions

remote video sessions