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User research was never meant to be taught in a classroom through books and lectures.

UX Research academy aspires to take the theory of user research, and combine it with realistic practice.


Humans, not users

UX Research is still a mysterious and niche field. There are still not many courses or degrees catered towards helping individuals break into a user research career, whether they just graduated, or are trying to transition from a different area.

At UX Research Academy, I strive to create a community solely for the purpose of helping others get into the user research field, or learn more about how user research impacts their current role.

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I know people are at varying levels in their user research careers, from complete beginners to those who are looking to advance to the next step. I have created several different courses, with varying degrees of engagement, in order to speak to all user researcher needs.



The purpose of this 6-week group course is to give you the tools to understand what user research is, what value it brings to a product/company and how to conduct/share user research across a company. This course will be full of discussion and sharing, as well as some lecturing on the different areas we cover. This course is accessible online from anywhere in the world.

Interview technique feedback

Ever want your research interviews evaluated? As researchers, we can be so focused on synthesis and results, we forget to assess our own interviewing techniques. I use an adapted version of Steiner Kvale’s interview criteria, and provide detailed feedback on how to improve your interviewing skills. NDA form provided.

interview practice Sessions

Sometimes we just need a little practice to either get us back in the game, or to make us feel more confident. Together, we will practice interviewing, from both sides, as a moderator, and as a participant. I will share my techniques, and help you hone your own. This can be combined with detailed feedback.

Creating/honing your UX Research PORTFOLIO

Have you done UX research projects but aren’t sure how to showcase them? Creating a user research portfolio can be really difficult, but has become an essential step to get hired. I use storytelling techniques from my own portfolio to help you create your own unique showcase of work. In addition, I also offer help with interview questions, resumes and whiteboard exercises.

Research document feedback

Are you looking for some feedback on documents you are putting together? Maybe you are a user research team of one at your company, and you just need a sounding board. I will provide detailed feedback on any research plans, recruitment surveys or analysis. NDA form provided.

1x1 UX Research mentoring

During our sessions, depending on your level of expertise in the field, we will cover similar topics as in the Comprehensive User Research Course, but at a rate catered to what you need. We will cover all user research methods, how to conduct research, sharing research, creating a research portfolio and more!


Free Content

Not everyone is able to pay to learn, which is why I have dedicated my time to creating as much free content as possible. I want to create a community in which user research is easily accessible to all, so please, use and learn as much as possible. Just two things: If you do use this content, I would appreciate an attribution or shout-out back, and any feedback on how I can improve the content.



decks for you to learn from

I have created a series of decks, similar to what is covered in the Intro to User Research course, in order to give you the opportunity to learn user research at your own pace,



user research templates/guides

It can be hard to find helpful user research templates out there, so I have made some free to use.



user research articles

I love writing about user research, and do my best to spread as much knowledge as possible. I write for both my own blog on Medium, and am also a contributing writer to dscout.


March & April 2019

Taking Nikki's UX research class was an invaluable experience. Learning from a working UX researcher is a great opportunity in itself, but Nikki went above and beyond to make sure her course was useful. She balanced reading with practical exercises to reinforce our learning.

Thanks to her course, I know I'm much more prepared to move forward with my UX career

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About the Academy

I was lucky enough to get a role as a User Research Intern, almost directly out of my MA program. After spending months learning there, I then secured a full-time role as a user researcher. Fortunately, I had an unbelievable mentor who helped me quickly level-up my career, and put me where I am now. I want to provide the same opportunities for others looking to join, or learn more about, this amazing field. Creating this community is near and dear to my heart, and I hope you join me on this adventure.

The idea for UX Research Academy was originally thought of while I was living in Berlin, Germany, however, I wanted to make this as accessible as possible, so I opened it up to remote learning. My first beta class started in February of 2019; I have been learning and iterating ever since. I hope to continue to delight people by growing this academy into nothing seen before. Stay tuned!


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Do you have any questions that cannot be answered on this website? Or feedback/comments? Always feel free to contact me and I will get back to you soon!


I am always looking for researchers with time available to dedicate to this initiative. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about opportunities to help!