My Mission

User research is not a theory. It is a practice.

With User Research Academy, I really wanted to make a difference in the user research community. I have had so many people approach me asking me how to get into the user research field, and have also watched the struggle they go through in order to move forward in their research career. I was the same.

I struggled so much trying to break into user research. After acquiring my MA in Psychology, and deciding to go into user research, I spent weeks worth of time trying to learn on my own. Despite finishing the UX class at General Assembly, I still barely had a grasp on what user research was, and how it was actually supposed to be done. I decided to do my best by reading as many books and articles as possible, and taking on my own projects to create a portfolio, all while working to stay afloat. I applied to over 67 jobs until I was fortunate enough to land a UX research internship in NYC.

I was broke and exhausted, but finally got my foot in the door. With that internship, I started my UX research career, and have never looked back since. I have been so incredibly lucky to meet amazing mentors along the way, and engage with exciting opportunities. It could have easily been very different from me, and I could have not had the chance to walk down this path.

For that very reason, I want to make user research as accessible to others as possible, and to provide a space for people to learn about the field. Yes, I want to provide theory, but, most important to me, I want to provide people with as much practical experience and knowledge as I possibly can, at the most affordable price for both of us.

I have many upcoming plans in my head, but I do hope this platform enables you to learn and grow as a user researcher, and to never stop chasing your dreams.


About Nikki

I'm a user experience research consultant and instructor with a focus on qualitative research. I have been in the field for about 5 years. My background is a unique mix between cognitive psychology and Buddhism, both of which I incorporate into my practice. After working in a mental health facility for two years, I made the switch to UX research. My mission is to inspire clients and users through the lens of UX research.

I am originally from Boston, lived in NYC for 8 years and am now based in Berlin, Germany. Outside of work, you can find me walking my dog, hanging out with my cats, playing video games, watching scary movies or reading. I am also a fiction novelist!

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Currently based in Berlin, Germany