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Please browse and download this free content! I put this together for the user research community, so there is a place to come from where you can get reliable information. My only asks are: if you share, let people know where you got this material, and, if you are using it outside of your own personal use, please attribute it to ©User Research Academy

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introduction to user research decks

These decks serve as a self-driven “course” in order to understand what user research is, and how to conduct user research. Primarily, I would recommend this slide deck for beginners, but it may be useful for others who are more seasoned in the field. In these decks, I touch upon:
- Introduction to user research and user research plans (week 1)
- How to conduct generative research (week 2)
- Competitive analysis, heuristic evaluation & mixed methods (week 3)
- How to conduct usability tests (week 4)
- Research synthesis, sharing & outputs (week 5)
- Building portfolios & interviewing for user research jobs (week 6)


I have put together several templates in order to help you structure some common processes and documents needed for user research. In this folder I have templates such as:
- How to validate ideas
- Synthesis sessions
- Design studio worksheet
- User research budget
- Research plans

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I believe there are not enough tangible guides and examples in the field of user research, which is why I put together this collection (which I am constantly trying to add to). Some of my guides and examples are:
- How to work with a user researcher
- How to get started as a user researcher in a new company (a check-list)
- Sample discovery interview
- Recruitment & scheduling emails
- Criteria to “grade” your interviews

I will be continuously adding to this list, so sign up for my newsletter to get updates! If there is something confusing or missing, let me know and I am happy to address it ASAP!

My User Research Blogs


I (try to) write a user research-focused blog post, at least, once every two weeks on Medium. I cover a wide range of topics that could benefit, both, beginners and more advanced researchers

dscout: People Nerds

I write two user research articles a month for dscout, which has very similar, and actionable, content to my Medium page. I do my best to leave you with tips on how to get started, improve or move forward with user research


User Research Academy (coming soon!)

Mixed Methods


Dollars to Donuts

Awkward Silences

Slack channels


UX Research academy

My own community I have started through this website, and hope to continue to grow


Mixed methods

A channel created by Aryel Cianflone, which hosts an amazing UX community



This is an amazing user research group, originally created by Kate Towsy, and has a plethora of resources.